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MOOCs are free non-degree online courses with open unlimited global enrollment to anyone who desires to learn, and regardless of their current educational level. [MOOCs World]



About MOOCs: 

Today, MOOCs provide access to many of the same courses being taught at some of the world's leading universities, and by leading scholars and industry experts in all areas:  From Computer Science to Economics to Medicine to Literature to Engineering to Social Sciences and others.

To date in the K-12 segment, MOOCs  largely concentrated in tutor-style courses to assist students in specific subjects: Math, English, Science, etc.  However, it is anticipated that MOOCs similar in structure to those being offered in the higher education space will be soon be coming from some of the world's leading schools, their faculty and other professionals.

While most are non-credit bearing, some are starting to offer certificates, enhanced learning services and credit options at additional costs. However,none of  these additional options are required to sign up and take advantage of these free courses.

In addition, some MOOCs students are starting to submit their MOOCs course work for credit recognition by their current colleges and universities. 

The majority of MOOCs are in English, but increasingly - we are seeing some of these being translated by the MOOCs' online student community themselves. It is also anticipated that multi-lingual MOOCs will be growing with the increased participation of leading international universities.

Enrollment is done online at the MOOCs provider sites. 


Verified Certificate MOOCs - Massively Open Online Courses ("MOOCs") are by definition open free courses by some of the world's leading universities, organizations, governments and industry experts.  Majority of the University MOOCs are the same or very similar to courses being taught on the ground at their campuses and for much higher tuition prices. Most MOOCs offer a free Certificate of Completion for those who successfully complete the MOOC. Some instructors may have some additional completion requirements for receiving the free Certificate of Completion.

For students wanting to showcase their MOOC courses and achievements to employers, schools and others, a new optional type of paid "Verified Certificate" credential that verifies that it was you who took and completed the MOOC is now available. 

The new Verified Certificate MOOCs will verify your identity through a variety of means that can include webcam, keystroke analysis, valid photo identification, and/or test centers.  Each MOOC provider can require different methods of identification in order to grant the Verified Certificate. Each MOOC’s requirements should be read closely prior to enrolling in the course because most Verified Certificate fees must be paid at the beginning of the course and are not refundable. While most of these Verified Certificate MOOCs do not yet offer credit for the price you are paying, some colleges and universities may provide additional cost-savings incentives if you continue with one of their related existing online degree programs.

The new Verified Certificate MOOCs are a critical step forward for the MOOC movement in continuing to attract larger global audiences as they create viable “affordable” credential value for the serious MOOC students.  They also represent a volume revenue opportunity and potential key piece of the sustainable business models of most MOOC providers. 

The prices of MOOC (Massively Open Online Course) Verified Certificates currently available range between $25 to $395+ per certificate.   In some instances, the same University will have different prices for different MOOCs.


MOOCsNews on MOOCs 2 Degrees, MOOCs 2 Jobs, Assessments, Credits, Certificates, Career Services, MOOC Tutoring/Mentoring, MOOCducation, MOOCthink and other related subjects:

Yahoo Finance:  "Study Finds Elite Universities' Verified Certificate MOOCs a Smart Ed Buy at $49";_ylt=A0oG7hEYU9pSmTYAt5pXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTExZnZqcGozBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2xvA2FjMgR2dGlkA1VJQzFfMQ

For students wanting to showcase their MOOC courses and achievements to employers, schools and others, a new optional type of paid "Verified Certificate" credential verifying the identity of the person who took and completed the MOOC is now available. 

The new Verified Certificate MOOCs will verify your identity through a variety of means that can include webcam, keystroke analysis, valid photo identification, and/or test centers.  Each MOOC provider can require different methods of identification in order to grant the Verified Certificate. Make sure to read the MOOC's requirements closely prior to enrolling in the course because most Verified Certificate fees must be paid at the beginning of the course and are not refundable.

Over 80% of the current Verified Certificate MOOCs are priced under $49.00

"If they only knew about MOOCs: The US MOOCs Market Volume Opportunity"  
Do USA low income students/families, underserved student populations, unemployed, and the many other segments that would benefit most from MOOCs "Know About MOOCs?" No.
Are they a Volume MOOC market opportunity at home? Yes.

"LinkedIn moves to legitimize Web classes by Coursera, Udacity, others"
LinkedIn announced the new "Direct-to-Profile Certifications" pilot program in a blog posttoday. Organizations participating in the program include: MOOC startups Coursera, Udacity and Udemy; Harvard and MIT-backed nonprofit MOOC provider edX; publishing giant Pearson; e-learning companies and Skillsoft.

The new program will allow users to display online courses they have completed on their LinkedIn profile by clicking a link in an email from the course provider.

"Time for Consolidation in MOOCs World" 
Time for Consolidation In MOOCs: Follow-on Investment rates decline for Social, Gaming & Education. Mobile Cos Rate Up ( The level of consolidation in the MOOC sector has already started to ramp up with the recent quiet merger/acquisitions of several start-ups, and start-up assets. Consolidation will further solidify the industry, and will result in significant value-added to the MOOC learners.  New MOOC players resulting from consolidation will be stronger contenders for long term financial success in this high growth global sector. 

"MOOCs Platform for the Arab World. MOOCs in Arabic Language"

By leveraging edX’s technology and tapping the best of our regional talent and Arab diaspora, we’re proud that we will be launching a MOOCS platform for the Arab world - Edrak. Engaging,fresh, relevant and, most important, in Arabic, MOOCS will open up a world of possibility for intellectually hungry Arab youth.

"Mooc rival OERu puts accreditation on menu. MOOCs coursework to be assessed for academic credit by member institutions. Approx. $200 per module"

OERu will allow students to study courses from 31 institutions around the world for free online is to launch this week – and is billed as a more attractive option than massive open online courses. 

Students who complete an Open Educational Resources University course will be able to pay a fee to have their work assessed for academic credit, which would then be recognized by all the universities participating in the OERu.

In theory, the students could approach any of the partner institutions with evidence of the credits they have amassed and apply for degrees. Open Educational Resources Foundation, the New Zealand-based organization is coordinating the development of OERu. 

University of Southern Queensland has said that the cost to OERu users wishing to gain academic credit for a module on international relations would be A$200 (£120).

"European MOOC platforms could be offering a LARGE RANGE OF FOR-CREDIT COURSES WITHIN TWO YEARS.  Europe has a big advantage over the U.S. because in the U.S., credit transfer is a nuisance"
The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) provides a legal basis for the creation of an online marketplace for academic credit that could be exploited by massive open online course providers, conference speakers have argued. Hannes Klöpper, managing director of the new German MOOC platform Iversity, unveiled a plan that he believed could lead to European platforms offering a large range of for-credit courses within two years. 

As part of a pilot, Germany's University of Osnabrück and the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences have already agreed to offer ECTS points for their iversity MOOCs, provided that students can pass an "on-campus exam."  Under Klöpper's plan, a corporate partner -- such as iversity -- would organize the teaching and assessment of MOOCs and would award ECTS points on behalf of partner universities.

"MOOCs and Public Libraries' Powerful Connection: Essential that digital libraries maintain a prominent public space for Local Collaboration.
The libraries of tomorrow might be digital, but too often going digital, like going green, simply means reducing costs and cutting public services. With more and more millennials enrolled in on-line courses, MOOCS, distance degree programs, and other higher education opportunities not tied to a university campus, the public library is a central site of learning and innovation. As the books slowly disappear, and the university campus becomes virtual, it is essential that digital libraries maintain a prominent public space for local collaboration.

"FUN: France Universite Numerique. France's National MOOC Platform" - A travers le projet France Université Numérique, c'est l'université de demain qui se dessine et l'influence de la France et de la francophonie qui se jouent. Etape importante : la première plateforme nationale de cours de fac gratuits en ligne est désormais opérationnelle.

"UK's University of Central Lancashire is to begin offering academic credit for MOOCs, regardless of which university developed course" 
"UK's Edge Hill University to offer academic credit for Vampire Fiction MOOC"  Those successfully completing the Mooc will be eligible for credit from the university, which will count towards the value of a degree if they decide to enroll at the institution. It is thought to be the first UK university to offer such credit for Mooc students, although universities in other countries, such as Germany’s Leuphana University of Lüneburg, have done so previously.

"Will MOOCs help you open career doors? Human Resources executives & Recruiters see it as a commitment to upgrading skills/knowledge" 
Some people who have completed MOOCs say they’re including them on resumes and LinkedIn profiles.Human resources executives and recruiters tell me they aren’t seeing significant numbers of candidates touting the MOOCs they’ve completed. But those who have seen mentions of MOOCs say it’s an indication of commitment to upgrading skills and knowledge.

"JOB MARKET EMBRACES Massive Online Courses (MOOCs). Seeking Better-Trained Workers, AT&T, Google and Other Firms Help Design and Even Fund Web-Based College Classes"

Big employers such as AT&T Inc. T -0.73%andGoogle Inc. GOOG -0.20%are helping to design and fund the latest round of low-cost online courses, a development that providers say will open the door for students to earn inexpensive credentials with real value in the job market.

New niche certifications being offered by providers of massive open online courses, or MOOCs, are aimed at satisfying employers' specific needs. Available at a fraction of the cost of a four-year degree, they represent the latest crack in the monopoly traditional universities have in credentialing higher education.

"Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing’s (JHUSON) is offering Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) credits, at only a small cost, for those enrolled in its newest MOOCs"
One of the first Universities to do so, the JHUSON is offering Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) credits, at only a small cost, for those enrolled in its newest Coursera MOOCs,“Global Tuberculosis (TB) Clinical Management and Research” and “Care of Elders with Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Major Neurocognitive Disorders.” CNE, through which nurses enhance their practice, education, and research, provides an opportunity for not only lifelong learning, but also professional development in pursuit of career goals.  

It takes only a few quick steps to sign up for the CNE. While registering for the MOOC on TB, beginning September 30, or the MOOC on dementia, October 14, participants choose “Enroll in Signature Track.” At the cost of $39, participants receive an electronic “Verified Certificate” linking their name to their work and allowing them to share their success with educational institutions, employers, and such. Once enrolled in the Signature Track, students then have the option of registering for CNE contact hours at an additional $60 cost. The total cost - $99.


"MIT to offer Foundations of Computer Science Series in 7 MOOCs with Certificate for $700 on EdX" - MITx, which offers its MOOCs on the EdX platform, will soon offer special certificates to students who completed a prescribed sequence of massive open online courses from MIT. The sequences will be called XSeries. MIT plans to offer its first XSeries sequence, Foundations of Computer Science, beginning this fall. The computer-science series will consist of seven courses that together “will cover content equivalent to two to four traditional residential courses and take between six months and two years to complete,”. The fee for a proctored final examination is roughly $100 per course, meaning students who aim to earnXSeries Certificates can expect to pay about$700 each. An XSeries certificate in computer science...should imply a broader understanding than a single MOOC certificate currently does.

"European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System(ECTS) credits for two ECTS-certified Iversity MOOCS..more to come" - MOOC students on iversity: From now on, participants can obtain ECTS credits in two of Iversity courses, and more will follow. If you’re enrolled and pass the exam at the end of the course, the professors will issue a certificate that your home university will recognize all over Europe. In mid-October 2013, Prof. Marc Opresnik, from Lübeck University of Applied Sciences (FH Lübeck), will launch his course “Fundamentals of Marketing”. Prof. Oliver Vornberger, an e-learning and computer science expert at the University of Osnabrück, will be giving a lecture on “Algorithms and Data Structures” in the summer term 2014

Vertical MOOCs - The Vertical Segmentation Phase - While the major MOOC providers will continue to grow their inventory of MOOC courses, a new breed of MOOC provider/aggregator is starting to rise.  Providers, for-profit & non-profit, that are rapidly moving to strategically grab the global online destination for specific vertical MOOC market segments.  Whether segmenting by gender; age; geography; industry/subject (engineering; computer science; business; health,  etc) and others, these new providers, will add significant "value-added" services, reviews, information and networking opportunities to their targeted audience segments (individuals/businesses/governments), but one critical long term global success factor in this space will be first-mover advantage. Aside from new startups, Vertical MOOCs providers/aggregators will include higher education institutions(non-profit & for-profit); corporations; non-profit global organizations, & others.

Rubber Hits The Road: Transfer Credits for MOOCs  
More than a half-dozen institutions have made clear they will grant transfer credits to students who successfully complete certain MOOCs from low-cost online providers, mainly Coursera and Udacity..for the first time, the idea of saving money through a MOOC isn't theoretical, as some colleges have started to announce policies on awarding credit and charging tuition. In theory, any institution that grants transfer credit can be granting transfer credit for MOOCs, but it's not clear yet how many are.  

University of Maryland University College (UMUC) creates pathway for students to earn academic credit thru MOOCs 
The university announced that it will award credit for demonstrated learning from six MOOCs offered by Coursera and Udacity that cover introductory math and science. Students will have to demonstrate their competency of material through standardized exams taken in a test center. MOOCs are online courses that started becoming popular more than a year ago to allow more students to sample elite college courses. Public higher education systems have been incorporating them into their systems. UMUC has an enrollment of 93,000. It is 1 of the nation's largest public providers of online higher education. 

Degreed - Scoring your MOOCs Skills & lifelong education - San Francisco-based Degreed wants to rethink what it means to earn credit. It is a free service that scores your lifelong education from both accredited and non-accredited sources. Degreed allows users to track inputs such as degrees, courses, MOOCs, events, books, articles, and videos in a fun and informative way.  They are currently working on helping users to know what they need to learn next to acquire skills, formal degrees, or non-accredited degree equivalents. More information on their site

Two Australian Universities Offer MOOCs for Credit for a Fee
Two Australian universities announced this week that they would offer assessment and credit of specific otherwise free, open online courses for a fee: $495 - 816. Deakin University(Humanitarian Emergencies MOOC) and La Trobe University (Ancient Rome MOOC).

EDsourcing(tm) & EDUsourcing(tm) - The "Outsourcing" of public Online Education thru public-private partneships, MOOCs, foreign corporations/service houses, and other providers. From content creation to funding/investments to faculty/TAs to marketing to enrollment to student services, etc. 


The Georgia Institute of Technology College of Computing announced today that it will offer the first professional Online Master of Science degree in computer science (OMS CS) that can be earned completely through the "massive online" format. The degree will be provided in collaboration with online education leader Udacity Inc. and AT&T.

All OMS CS course content will be delivered viathe massive open online course (MOOC) format, with enhanced support services for students enrolled in the degree program. Those students also will pay a fraction of the cost of traditional on-campus master's programs; total tuition for the program is initially expected to be below $7,000. A pilot program, partly supported by a generous gift from AT&T, will begin in the next academic year. Initial enrollment will be limited to a few hundred students recruited from AT&T and Georgia Tech corporate affiliates. Enrollment is expected to expand gradually over the next three years.

While courses related to the OMS CS will be available free of charge on the Udacity site, only those students granted admission to Georgia Tech will receive credit. Degree-seeking students will pay tuition based either on individual courses or the entire degree program. Georgia Tech and Udacity also will develop a separate credential for those students who successfully complete courses but do not qualify for full graduate standing. 

The Georgia Institute of Technology is one of the world's premier research universities. Ranked seventh among U.S. News & World Report's top public universities, the Institute enrolls 21,500 students within its six colleges. Georgia Tech College of Computing - graduate program ranked 10th nationally by U.S. News and World Report.  http://

MICROSOFT RESEARCH INDIA's MOOC-Like Experiment to Offer Internships to Top 10 Students

Microsoft Research India hs rolled out a pilot project with Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) for a MOOC-like experiment blending online education with classroom learning. As part of its Massively Empowered Classroom project, Microsoft Research is offering free online certification on algorithm, design and analysis (ADA) for engineering students

Top ten students will get an opportunity tointern at Microsoft Research besides getting a certification from them.

College Degree, No Class Time Required. University of Wisconsin to Offer a Bachelor's to Students Who Take Online Competency Tests About What They Know

Wisconsin officials tout the UW Flexible Option as the first to offer multiple, competency-based bachelor's degrees from a public university system. Officials encourage students to complete their education independently through online courses - MOOCs. No classroom time is required under the Wisconsin program except for clinical or practicum work for certain degrees.

Companies like United Technologies - Under its Employee Scholar Program, UTC pays the cost of tuition and books for college courses for any employee of the corporation worldwide. Employees who graduate receive a stock award. Under the new extension, laid off UTC employees will be eligible to participate in the program and enjoy the benefits for one year after leaving the company.  UTC currently has more than 12,000 employees pursuing continuing education through the Employee Scholar Program. Any of UTC's 145,000 full- and part- time employees worldwide may participate. UTC pays tuition, fees and books for employees who attend accredited learning institutions. UTC also gives employees paid time off, up to three hours a week, to attend class or study. Employees can take any course and pursue any degree, regardless of whether it is directly related to their jobs. UTC also rewards employees who obtain degrees through the program. UTC's U.S. workers who participate in the program and who are awarded a bachelor's degree or higher currently receive 200 shares of UTC common stock. Program participants who obtain an associate's degree receive 100 shares of stock, and an additional 100 shares if they subsequently proceed to obtain their bachelor's degree. International employees receive a proportional stock award based on their pay. Benefits will be extended for one year after the last day of employment at UTC. Employees who are awarded degrees under the extension will also be eligible for the graduation award.


Coursera, the largest platform for massive open online courses (MOOCs), on Tuesday announced Coursera Career Services, a match-making tool aimed at connecting its most talented students to companies that are looking to hire. The company will offer its students the chance to opt in to a database that employers can then browse in search of job candidates.


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – November 19, 2012 –edX, founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), today announced an innovative blended massive open online course (MOOC) offering atBunker Hill and MassBay Community Colleges, the first community colleges to work with edX to bring a new teaching model to the classroom. Through this public/private initiative, community colleges will benefit from edX’s platform, connecting students with leading MOOC professors from around the world.

COLLEGE CREDIT EYED FOR MOOCS by the American Council on Education

The American Council on Education, the leading umbrella group for higher education, and Coursera, a Silicon Valley MOOC provider, announced a pilot project to determine whether some free online courses are similar enough to traditional college courses that they should be eligible for credit.  The council’s credit evaluation process will begin early next year, using faculty teams to begin to assess how much students who successfully complete Coursera MOOCs have learned.

MOOC-ing the College Cartel

11/30/2012 - The American Council on Education will review some free online courses offered by elite universities through Coursera and may recommend that other colleges accept credit for them.

In addition, Southern New Hampshire University’s accreditor has approved its new competency-based associate degree, which is based on students’ knowledge rather than time in class. Students will pay no more than $2,500 a year.  Northern Arizona University and the University of Wisconsin system also are developing competency-based degrees.

UW’s Flexible Option will let adult students “earn college credit by demonstrating knowledge they have acquired through coursework, military training, on-the-job training, and other learning experiences.”


The University of Texas system plans to offer degree credits for courses completed through the edX online-learning platform and charge for such courses - offering a potential new direction in the delivery of massive open online courses (Moocs).

The move would make the confederation of nine universities and six health institutions the first to charge for courses delivered through the edX platform.

Antioch University(Non-Profit) to Offer Credit for MOOC Learning Through Coursera

COLLEGE MAY NEVER BE THE SAME - UC Berkeley considering MOOCs transfer credits for community college students 
Some schools are looking for ways to integrate MOOCs into their existing programs. The University of California-Berkeley, which this summer joined edX, is considering a plan by which state community college students who enroll in its MOOCs might earn transfer credits, Chancellor Robert Birgeneau said.


Colorado State University's Global Campus, an independent campus that is part of the Colorado State University system, said it would give three transfer credits to students who complete Introduction to Computer Science: Building a Search Engine, a free course offered by Udacity, and take a proctored test. While the Global Campus is apparently the first American institution to offer credit for a Udacity MOOC, several European universities have already done so.
Colorado State University's Global Campus, an independent campus that is part of the Colorado State University system, said it would give three transfer credits to students who complete Introduction to Computer Science: Building a Search Engine, a free course offered by Udacity, and take a proctored test. While the Global Campus is apparently the first American institution to offer credit for a Udacity MOOC, several European universities have already done so.

Also on Thursday, edX, the Harvard-M.I.T. online collaboration, announced that students in its MOOCs would be able to take proctored final exams at Pearson VUE's brick-and-mortar testing centers around the world, where their identity can be verified. 

CREDITWORTHY IN THE KEYSTONE STATE - PENNSYLVANIA Credits for MOOCS? The system (Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education) held lengthy discussions about whether it should grant credit for MOOCs, according to Cavanaugh. CAEL has predicted that many students will seek credit for MOOCs, and the council plans to include those courses in credit recommendations if students can demonstrate that they have received college-level learning. Eventually the system decided it was on board, as long as MOOC credit submissions receive the Learning Counts stamp. “We fully expect to see people putting them in the portfolios,” says Cavanaugh. 

MAKING IT COUNT - A potential existing credit pathway for MOOCs  Massively open online courses, or MOOCs, are not credit-bearing. But a pathway to college credit for the courses already exists -- one that experts say many students may soon take.

That scenario combines the courses with prior learning assessment -- a less-hyped potential “disruption” to traditional higher education -- which is the granting of credit for college-level learning gained outside the traditional academic setting.

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