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While we make every effort to keep this directory of tuition free states and programs up to date with the latest information, we rely on site visitors like yourself, to help us with information on any and all new tuition-free colleges or other free tuition programs not yet included in this directory. Thank you.  



News:   Arkansas becomes latest state to create a free community college plan

News: New ArFuture Grant Pays Full Cost of Tuition for Community and Technical College

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News: "Free college tuition available to West Alabama high school students this SUMMER. Tuscaloosa City Schools says rising juniors or seniors in their district can take up to six tuition-free credit hours this summer at Shelton. Students must have at least a 2.5 grade point average to qualify. The offer applies to courses in certain career-technical fields"

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News:  Of the nation's more than 190 tuition-free community college programs, more than 50 exist in California.

– San Francisco: San Francisco becomes first city to offer free community college tuition to all residents.   Program Information:










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News: “The Upjohn Institute plays a leading role in research and evaluation activities surrounding the Kalamazoo Promise and the national movement to create place-based scholarship programs”

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News:  30 Minnesota colleges offer free tuition for new high school grads

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New York

News: New York just became the first state in the nation to make tuition free for middle class students at both two- and four-year public colleges”

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Rhode Island (Proposal)

News:  “Governor Raimondo said she would consider a number of options to soften the financial impact of the tuition plan, including a phased-in approach over several years, or introduction of means testing, which would tie the benefit to family income”

Community/Business Support: Southern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has voted to endorse the Governor’s Rhode Island Promise Scholarship proposal.



South Dakota

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News:  Tennessee is about to become the first state in the nation to make community college free for all adults

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